Thursday, November 14, 2013

BIG SACRIFICES: A Consideration of Flawed Forensics Used to Convict Diane Downs

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November 14, 2013 marks the second in our “Crimes of the Century” series on flawed forensics. Spotlighted was the high profile murder and attempted murder conviction of Diane Downs, portrayed by the late Farrah Fawcett in the movie “Small Sacrifices”.

Diane Downs was convicted in 1984 of killing her 6 year old daughter and attempting to kill her 3 year old son and 8 year old daughter to woo a lover who reportedly did not want children. However, life appears to have imitated art for Diane in that the prosecutor’s case against her seems almost as fictionalized as the corresponding book and referenced Farrah Fawcett movie.

Tracking COC listeners through the Diane Downs case facts and circumstances is Diane’s brother, Mr. James Frederickson,and COC’s own Dr. Andrew D. Jackson. Does their presentation leave you with reasonable doubt that Diane killed one and attempted to kill two of her children?


  1. I wish I would not have said "if you believe in Devine intervention and miracles then that is what happened". Because I do believe in Devine intervention and I do believe that Gods hand is capable of fixing this. Peace to all James

  2. I just saw this and I hope and pray if diane is innocent that the truth come out and she gets a retrial. it wouldn't be the first time someone was railroaded in the court system. so no residue on her hands and body certainly makes me wonder.

  3. Hahahaha.... 'god' is fictional, just like the pathetic story Diane Downs (and the people enthralled by her sociopathic lies) try to peddle.

    This is like those crazy people saying the Holocaust didn't happen, and despite the evidence to the contrary will stubbornly maintain that.

    Fortunately the murdering bitch will never get out. And I wish that on her. How do you recognize a liar? It is the one who keeps changing the story they tell. Let her daughter come forward and say 'they made me lie to send my momma to jail'. Hasn't happened in 31 years... and why not? Exactly!

    Diana Downs was as innocent as Jim Jones, another grade A sociopath. Fortunately Diane is old and ugly now, no man would want her anymore.

    1. Her daughter did say "They told me what to say" when she was 15. You are way out of your element believing the Lynch mob rather than evidentiary proof.

  4. Lyle Menendez is innocent! I just know they framed him! His daddy molested him (srsly!)......

    LMAO! The delusions people just won't let go of.